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office scheduler Network capability : all workstations access a common database

All client and appointment data is stored in a central database, which resides on a computer (server) that all workstations can access via the network.
Though a day's schedule can consist of hundreds of single appointments, the graphical display of the daily schedule only needs one look. With automatic refresh, every workstation always displays up to date information.

After a regular installation the components (as shown in the picture below) are found on your local harddisk (normally in the directory "C:\Office-Scheduler\"):

In the Start menu item "Programs" you will see the new item "Office-Scheduler". This refers to the locally installed files. Use this shortcut to start your local version of the scheduler.

If you want to move these files to a network location in order to share them with other workstations, copy the files shown in the picture to the desired location on the server. You can do this manually using the Windows Explorer.
Create a scheduler shortcut on the desktops of the client workstations to the "scheduler.exe" on the server.

If you get error messages when trying to access your scheduler network installation from other workstations, check two things:
1. Did you install (and then un-install) the demo setup on that other workstation?
2. Did you grant unlimited read and write permissions on that network directory where the scheduler is installed?